Is This The End or Just The Beginning

I awoke from my heavy slumber to be met with my alarm song playing of, Fredric Robbinson – Laughing at clouds, and a painful nose with a throat dry just down one side and the metallic taste of sore blood in the back of my mouth. I think it was a combination of not enough sleep and falling asleep before I finished my glass of water. Now the lack of sleep I can deal with there is Red Bull, Relentless, Monster, V Energy and good old coffee for that but the sore throat thing was messed up and thew me off kilter a bit while I was having breakfast and all.

With my Hospital Records t-shirt on and headphones locked in, the train ride flew by with the ripples of deep bass throbbing in my head phones as we passed from station to station. There was nothing overly exciting on the train ride in just the normal people avoiding eye contact and not wanting to set next to me on either side and I wished it had stayed that way. A man sat down next to me with enough aftershave or deodorant trapped within the atmosphere of his body that breathing became a mix of getting high and choking as my nose and throat were still sore and empty and the alcohol from the fumes was strong enough in the mix of air it felt like a thin layer of skin was being peeled back and then pressed back down again when I exhaled. The relief came when he got off and the air was much less harsh to breath and for once I was glad for the warm recycled air that circulated the tube.

Then began the final days work where it was ok, just stuff I had done before and I also got to try out some new stuff. I added up track listings for shows and double checked listen again to which I found 2  shows had not gone up, and I had to convert them to mp3 and then re-upload them. This is pretty easy, add it to a session, add adverts, high light it, export, done. However I got the two pieces of audio the wrong way round… so it played the second hour first then the show started in the second hour… Guess I’ll just have to export a 2 hour show again for 20 mins. I got the other show done fine making sure I got it the right way round first time. I then nervously checked all the listen again files to find that 2 shows had not been updated for 3 weeks! Whhhaaaaaaa!?! Have I been doing something wrong??? I brought this up to Lloyd and he told me that they were sorting a contract with the company that syndicates to us so we were currently not getting the shows… Phew! I then worked on 2 more shows and added them to broadcast.

The things that go on in the office are hilarious, today saw Lloyd and Marco playing around with stock sound effects to dramatize what they were saying or to add something more to other peoples conversations. The thunder and lighting added to the simple phrase ‘oh really’ makes it sound so so much worse then it is. The boing and spring effects were used when they did not agree with someones point but the best would have to be the tension music that they played in-between each word of a simple sentence. Other things involved the use of the rapper sound board that played phrases from your favorite rapper and a brilliant video aimed to advertise ‘The Place’ in NYC and it is just so so bad it’s funny, you can tell the manager just picked up a camera and gave it a go.

I went off to lunch and burst into subway determined to mix things up a little so… they had a new flavor out, mango chicken, got it on bread I don’t normally had with a sauce I’d never had before and got a damn cookie too because why not, it all goes on expenses any way! I then went even further and went to get a fanta but at the lest second switched it up for a sprite! A clutch last second maneuver. I sat at the window and it was a pretty good sub in all honesty and the sprite was damn fresh and the cookie was still gooie so a good choice all round. There was not much going on in the street today but the glass still emits this weird barrier of ‘you can’t see me, you’re behind glass’ to which I’m all like ‘mate, I can see you picking your nose’ didn’t put me off my food though haha.

Back to work and I began by working on an intro jingle for the new branding of Jonathan Joseph aka Spoony, and was working on making it sound smooth by mixing in songs. I needed to make my first draft shorter so after I had done that I wacked in some spoken word idents and tried to make it sound better. My throat and nose were starting to get the better of me and I felt horrid but just trying to look at the screen was hard. I went off to get a show off of the mac in the booth and while I was waiting for the usb to transfer over the audio a tour was being done to make people give the MOS money for hosting a venue. I had never seen the club in full swing before with speakers hoofing it and the lights going insane with the smoke think in the air. And what better way to impress a load of potential investors then by playing some drum and bass! aha! The main speakers were on and it sounded sick! The lights were all going to time with the beats and drops and to say the least the group were very impressed as was I. I took the last few swigs of the own brand energy drink that the MOS do that was in the fridge in the booth, as I thought the caffeine would perk me up and make me feel less ill and it did for a bit. I got back and started work on that show and got it up to broadcast.

Spoony came in and Lloyd set up a recording session remotely from his desk so I was able to walk in there and meet the great guy that is Spoony and also get him ready to record his mix. I stayed on for a bit and then got some good news to go with some other good news. I will be working at MOS as a freelancer for 3 days while Lloyd is off so that means it will be just me in charge/keeping the seat warm for the entire MOS radio. Pretty damn cool haha! Also it’s paid radio work so one day for each year of uni, not a bad start haha! I got the tour of things, took notes and made sure I knew everything that needed to be done and all the things that need to be running and all that jazz. I got some great feedback form Lloyd in the form of ‘we’ve had a lot of interns who say they can do stuff and can’t deliver but what you do sounds good and you work well and learn things fast’ That pretty much made my day that feed back. Also I need to bring in my show reel/demo and my CV for him to look over and help to refine it for me and polish it up, and he said he would be more then happy to help with all that. And just like that I said good bye and see you soon, ventured out into the court yard and down to the tube.

The tube home was hot and think with people stuffing them selves onto the train, mean while I just turned my music up and nodded off only to wake up every now and again with different girls staring at me… is it weird it is only girls who stare? I got off the tube into the fresh air and as I walked over the bridge I looked out over the train tracks and the sun hiding behind the dense wisps of soft cloud and smiled, I did a good job I thought to my self, now time to keep the momentum going.

I’d like to thank the Edmonds family for their support and setting up the scheme and to everyone I worked with at MOS as they made it such a great experience for me. I hope that I have set a good standard for other candidates to follow, so Josh Edmonds’ gift and memory can carry on with brilliant success. So thank you to you all and everyone who supported me or gave me encouragement, it all helped and I look to be going places because of it!

On a special note, this blog goes out the day before the 1 year anniversary of the death of Josh Taylor, who with out a shadow of a doubt I owe a lot to. So with this in mind many of you may know there are strange links and events that happened on the lead up to me getting this opportunity, the main thing Josh gave me was my love for drum and bass and with that gift he gave me all those years ago, now I am taking it even further. That musical passion that Josh gave to me has seeped in to all my work centered around that genre from my podcast to working on the DnB shows at MOS, and this passion impressed and got me noticed by some big players in the scene. So next week I have an interview with 2 drum and bass record labels to work for them and help drive the labels into the direction they want to head into, so thank you again Josh for the music you gave me as once again it’s getting me to places I could never of dreamed getting to.

A song I had on my iPod after work, looking over at the train tracks under the clouds, with an appropriate title.

The awful video advert for the restaurant Lloyd showed me.


Penultimate Day and Nandos Bass

This morning was a cold and wet walk to the station with me having to put on a jacket to keep the misty chill off and the light drizzle of rain. Still even with all this the tube was a blaze with chairs smoldering in the back ground and the door to the other coach unable to close so it was freely swinging and banging about the whole journey. The bit that i found a bit weird was when I got off the tube you then had to go back to cold of the street and it had started to rain in London for the first time since I’ve been here, well while at work.

Work today was fast and hard… (gigitty) With what was not a lot of work but the work was time consuming and was not helped by some technology being slow, USB 2.0 is naff! Any way as Lloyd was settling into his new role I was able to ease up the work load a little bit as I could sort out some shows and add a few track lists and all the other bits and bobs that just help the work move faster. One issue I had today was that the CMS which we use to sort things on the radio part of the website was not organising the text correctly so it looked awful and unreadable. Lloyd was up off and about doing his new tasks and I was left to my own devices to which I was having to do a lot. Ricky wanted the listen again for his show changed to a new edit he had done so I needed to re-export that show in mp3 then, the online player for the garage show was not working past 5 seconds but unfortunately I could not do anything about that. I needed to email off for a track list that we did not have and needed to be uploaded today with the new audio.

I then began the time consuming task of taking three live form the club sessions and lacing them with branding and on some of them having to sort out the levels and apply various limiters and amplitude to make it sound crisp. This was interesting as I was getting to test out things that I had previously not experimented with so was learning a lot in a short space of time. After completing all this I then went to get the Circus dubstep show off of the studio computer for it to be edited and broadcast tonight however, the slowness at which the usb was transferring data made me question if it would of been faster if it was made of cheese. I waited for ages only to realise that it was coming close to my lunch break and I needed to take off two more shows to be syndicated to Mexico. In the end I got the one show that was going to be broadcast tonight as that was more important and we can get the syndicate shows off by the end of the week so we maintain the exclusivity on the shows. I left the usb on Lloyd’s desk as my pc is USB locked so he would need to place the files in a shared drive for me to access.

For the drizzle lunch I ventured down to subway to eat inside the place looking out onto the street where I was able to watch London pass me by. It’s amazing what a piece of glass does, no one really looks in and it is sort of like being at a zoo watching the animals go about their business. For example there was a woman dressed in fine professional clothing with a violin case on her back and I watched as she maneuvered in and out of the droves of people flowing in the opposite direction to where she was walking. There was also a couple poking each other and laughing and motorbikes culminating around traffic lights in anticipation of them changing. All this from the comfort of my subway and fanta haha. I believe tomorrow that Marco and Lloyd are on about going out some where for lunch to get something extra tasty on my last day.

Back at work I began on the dubstep show and it was an awful amount of work to be doing! Levels all over the place, solid gaps of silence and inappropriate content that could not be aired that needed to be cut out. It took me ages to get it sounding right and as I was working away Bailey walked on in to say hi before he went off to prep for his show. When I finally managed to get it done I had ended up searching for swearing in a track that did not exist for about 15 mins and after exporting Lloyd checked it and I had not placed to correct intro on the start as I did not know it had one. Other then that it took my up to around Drum and Bass o’clock and I showed through various guests who wanted to sit in on Bailey’s show. I feel kind of bad for the 2 girls I showed through as I felt a bit rude not showing them back out again and I did not chat to them as much as I should of. I hope I get to make up for it by being as polite as possible, that being said I did make sure every body had some water as it is smolderingly hot in there.

Getting to sit in on Bailey’s show is always a treat as the guys are so relaxed but professional and I like the entire vibe they give off. I got to meet some of the other guests that turned up just for wanting to sit in on his show and they are all great guys too! I got to interact with the show and had a shout out  but narrowly missed out on getting tickets to a sick DnB event on a coin toss… damn haha.

After the show I went down with the guys to Nandos where we all had some b-e-a-u-t chicken and I got to hear some good stories about pirate radio, dub plates, record shops and German tourists buying stacks of jungle vibe vinyl after raving to it in the shop. It was pretty damn cool to be sitting down eating chicken with a load of dnb heads who were pushing the stat  of the scene back when I had only just been born (it was fun making them all feel old) Anyways after some hand shakes and a walk with Chef down to the tube I ventured home and I’ve begun looking forward to the last day of my internship.

Who knows what adventures lay ahead, all i know is that I’m looking forward to them. Oh and I will reveal some exciting prospects about what I’m doing work wise after my time at MOS tomorrow 😉 so make sure you read tomorrows blog to find out what I’ve been keeping secret from you all haha!

The Final Days

So the last 3 days are on count down and now after today I’m down to 2. Nothing of much interest happened this morning except for the sore legs asking me why I bothered to get out of bed this morning after going to the free drum and bass arena event at MOS on Sunday. The air was slightly cooler today after all the recent rain and that made for a pleasant change whilst walking to the station and not having to worry about sweating before I even step foot on to the free sauna that London passes as a train.

At work it started with the emails to which non were overly interesting and then moved on to mocking Katie about how she kept talking about her weekend at global where she sang on the main stage and cried when Friction played one of her tracks. Then the real work started as Steve had gone it was the now newly appointed Program Controller (Lloyd) who was in charge of all the things and with one man down we had a fair bit of work to do. Apparently Steve had promised about 15 people a show on the station before he left do Lloyd was stuck dealing with those while I cracked on with the shows making sure they were edited and put in to the right folders and so on. This was all going well and I had edited one show for today last week when I had nothing to do so it was all already to go. Then I was working on the other shows for later on that day to be broadcast.

Lunch came and I headed down to my latest addiction of Subway where by taking advantage of the fact that the staff were not talking to each other or had poor communication, I lied about what sub I had brought as they had no idea what I ordered and got the sub cheaper and a free drink. I don’t feel bad for it as I always go there, plus the only difference between the subs is that the chicken is in a different sauce. Eating my subway I had the sky rats swarm me as if I was to be their next provider of free food. Little did they know that I was going to make them work for it and with about letting them get as close as possible before lashing out with my feet attempting to kick them. It scared them numerous times but I think the sudden escape route of one sky rat towards a Spanish woman’s face scared her far more as she curled up into a ball for protection from low flying sky rat. I just sat there watching… eating my food… and then laughed when a sky rat nabbed a jalapeno pepper that had hit the floor and looked genuinely distraught after having it.

Back at work I helped to set up the studio for the dubstep show recording later on and also for the rest of the week. I then set of back to work making sure I was getting things right when I showed Lloyd what I was doing turns out it was wrong. Cool. So I had the audio in the wrong channels so the eq and so on was off which made it sound like ass to the trained ear, I just thought the recording was funny to begin with I did not think to check the effects rack. So I had to go through the show again altering the audio to make it sound nice again. And it did sound much better. As I was exporting the the audio I was expecting to go home soon and I asked Lloyd if there was anything else that needed doing and turns out there was ahah. So I spent the next while editing up 3 more shows and exporting them and so on before I left. I was fine with this as I don’t mind the work, just I was worn out but glad I could help out.

The excitingly uneventful tube journey home was brilliant. I just fell asleep only to wake up with a girl sitting opposite me looking at me to which I returned the glare and she seemed shocked I had seen her so I just went back to sleep and woke up as the train rolled up to the last station. So a pretty average day, from what I have come to expect.

Tomorrow will be my last Bailey show while I am at MOS but hope to keep in contact with the guys as I love sitting in on that show and all the guys are so relaxed about it all. So 2 days left and then on to the next adventure…

Kangaroo Burger and Another Free Bar

This morning was a little bit all over the place as I left the house late and then forgot my receipts for my expenses claims so had to run back to get them then carry on my way to the station. I arrived late and caught a later train then normal and yet still arrived at the station at the same time? Is there some kind of time vortex then I keep going through on my way to work?

At work i was able to crack on with editing up some shows. I spent the morning adding in in idents and working out the best way to make it sound nice. I was doing really well, making sure I exported it to the correct folder with the right name and then dragging it into the appropriate area from the playout system to pick it up and broadcast it or to replace an on demand piece of audio. I also updated the show pages with the new playlists and relevant information. I was blitzing through it all and was able to work out some things i needed to do my self with out disturbing Lloyd or Steve on his last day. Before I finished transferring the last piece of audio to its correct folder there was suddenly a word spread from Marco that some shoes in the Office sale were at £0.00 and you only needed to pay for delivery. So we all dropped what we were doing and began for a shoe hunt to which Marco brought 5 pairs and Lloyd got 3 pairs and I got 1 pair. Whether or not we will get the shoes is another story as on the receipt I have they were free and only cost me £3.50 delivery how ever i’m sure they want to give the shoes away for free. I then left for lunch and headed down to bourough market for the last time.

When I got to the market after a nice warm walk, I took my time to browse the stalls and see what was on offer for my last buying at the market. There were massive rice dishes, german sausages and some weird veggie food bar but, int he end I went and got a thing and juicy Kangaroo burger just to say I’ve eaten a kangaroo haha! And to finish it off I got a fudge brownie and i just remembered that the other one is in the bag behind me… (midnight snack?)

Upon returning to work that was not much left for me to do so I went about searching for new music for my podcast tomorrow and to look for music to buy and download for my ipod. I found some really good songs and got them straight away whilst I waited for audio to export into the correct folders, the last of the weekend shows. Soon after a quick double check in the playout system all the audio had changed over fine. Everyone had started to gather in an area of the office so i got up to have a  look too and it was to be the speeches about Steve and Arnie leaving. But before I could watch I had Pavross grab me quick to do my expenses, he is a bit of a peculiar man but has a hilarious sense of cruel humor that is infections, he casually handed me over the money while mocking me in his obscure accent and colourful clothes haha. The speeches were very good and funny with Arnie almost crying bless him, over 14 years working there. They were presented with gifts and might fine ones at that then we half went back to not work and just got free beer and pizza haha!

Been there for just under a month and got 2 free bars out of it, not a bad turn out i’d say. It was pretty nice getting to sit out side with everyone and have a chat. I even got my self a free pair of MOS sun glasses! The party then soon moved to the loft part of the club where there was a live DJ and more free drinks that tasted like strawberry student night out drinks aha. I soon decided to venture and with a lovely good bye from Arnie both wishing each other luck and him not letting go of my hand… aha with parted with photos and his characteristic laugh. I then ventured off to find Steve to make sure I got to say goodbye to him before I left as I would not be seeing him Monday as he is finished at the mos after 5 years. He gave me some good advice of that an opinion is worth having now the key skill is knowing when to voice it and when to keep quiet and that 9/10 of the job is passion and that’s what you need to bring everyday. He also said that I’ve done a good job while i’ve been working with him and that i have shown I am capable and hard working and bring that passion that he was talking about. I shook his hand and wished him well and said thank you for all the help and then caught the tube home.

Another dull tube ride with me just listening to music and getting someone smiling back to me on the tube more then once! :O aha! Now for the weekend I need to get my hair cut for next week and look forward to going to a drum and bass arena launch party at MOS with some old uni friends and some from back home as I managed to use my MOS connections to get on the guest list and skip the que. So 3 days left, hope to make them damn good.

An Eventful Lunch Break

The morning started with me finding out that my watch had decided to die on me while it was changing the date over last night and was stuck saying it was 11:20. Oh well I guess I’ll have to use the inconvenience of my phone to tell the time. Then I decided to buy some new music so I could have something fresh to listen to on my journey to and from work today but after purchasing the tracks I then waited for the ZIP file to arrive. And when it had not arrived by the time I had to leave I had to suck it up and just go with no new music. It had randomly chucked it down at some point last night so the air rising off the ground was cool and had a smell to it that reminded me of when I used to go over to the Ilse of Wight with my cousins. When I got on the tube I ended up listening to Ludovico Einaudi and just half slept the whole way to work.

When at work I started off with replying to what emails I could as I normally do then went about searching for music for suggestion in the playlist meeting later on this morning. When the meeting came it was to be Steve’s last as he leaves for another job tomorrow. Everyone was talking about hilarious things while we got to mock and praise the suggested songs. Then after over running by 20 we headed back to work where I then started to edit down the new songs into 30 second clips before I headed off to lunch.

I went down into town and was feeling a little dissatisfied with the day so far as I felt more like I was an inconvenience. Oh well at least I managed to get the songs on to my iPod for the journey home. As I walked down I thought I could go to borough market instead of Subway but I needed to check the balance on my card as I might get my hair cut after work today and needed the cash for that. So as I set of trying to find a bank to get an idea of my balance I went down the other side of borough road as I had never been that way before and I though I saw a McDonalds sign. I crossed over and saw a Barcleys bank towards where McDonalds is but there was a Lloyds a little nearer so went there first. The couple who were on the ATM took forever! They just did not understand what was going on or something along those lines. I was waiting behind one more person and just looking about when a man dashes past me and then a silver van just plows into him! and He bounces off the front and goes flying down into a beer garden and the 2 men get out the van a chase him! What the hell I thought to my self? Then as I went to look people were running out of the beer garden and onto the street . What the hell was going on? Suddenly there we hundreds of police sirens swarming all over the place! I started walking up the road to McDonalds and the bank at the end of the road had loads of people around it and police and all that. Something must have gone down in the bank or around that area. Anyway turns out there was no McDonalds haha so got a subway anyway.

Got back to work and finished up with things and Lloyd was in a deep learning conversation from Steve as he would have to take over most of the work that Steve was doing when he leaves. So not wanting to disturb them I just edited together a show for tomorrow ahead of schedule. Before I was about to leave I helped Lloyd out a bit by doing some little bits and bobs to make hos work a bit easier then headed off for home.

Nothing exciting about the Tube today I just got on and listened to all my good new music and found out that even though the tracks are brought legally as I believe in supporting the artists, one track seems to cut off really sharply. Oh well, I’ve only got one more day left of this week then only 3 days next week until my time at the Ministry comes to a close. I may end up working for them or doing work for them in the future as it is a nice company to work for but, just got to see where the future takes me.

Done It All and Looking Towards The Future

Today while I woke up groggy from having a late night staying up late to finish my blog after getting in late from the Intabeats show. I managed to get to the train on time fine and thankfully today there was no over obsessive couple or any one weird on the tube other then the overly hairy man sitting next to me who looked like he could weave small nets to catch flies in on his arms. After the homeless man going for a wonder yesterday I found him napping in his usual spot where I dropped off the sandwich next to him and on the way back I wrote him a note to have a good day and placed it under a drink of juice I had got him. I had hoped to speak to him to ask his name so I could say hi to him in the mornings rather then just walking by but thought it best not to wake a sleeping man to find out such a mundane thing.

While I was at work today I replied to a few emails and then set off to finishing up the Bliss show which was ok except I had to re-import the audio in order to make it sound better from what I had done yesterday as I imported the master audio instead of the individual channels of voice and mixer audio. This was done pretty quickly and then put into the broadcast folder for airing on friday. I updated a few playlist for the website so the shows matched up with the tracks and also to help people find the songs they are looking for. After this however there was not much else for me to do so I got roped into putting the new London Grammar CDs into the wallets. A good pile of them and I just sat there with my music in sliding each cd inside a card wallet and making various pile of them all over the desk. I finished that task pretty quickly and then spent the next part of my time working on my own projects. Just before lunch Steve asked me to glue together 2 parts of a show and upload it to the on demand service so that was pretty straight forward and got it done in no Time and headed off for lunch.

The subway lunch was pretty normal with beautiful sunshine and some of the most annoying pigeons I have ever come across. They are like those mouthy kids in school who keep pestering you but as soon as you step up to them they’re all like ‘hey man what you doin’, stop it man! we cool we cool’ I did find a new game to play though with the London wild life. If you drop a piece of subway perfectly on the ground in the middle of your feet you get to play a much more interactive version of pinball except you get to mock kick sky rats (pigeons) and if they don’t move from your feet lashing out towards them they lose a life… and don’t respawn ever… In reality though they just kept flying away and trying to come back, and I just had to move my feet and they would all jump back at the same time and move back in with my feet like there was some kind of force keeping them the same distance away from my shoes.

Back to work and I was told I could work on things for something next week (that I’m not going to mention yet) that is going to hopefully be the next step for me after I have finished up my time here at MOS. So the rest of the afternoon was spent preparing and analysing everything for that along with working on Citadel. Over all a pretty good day as I kept being productive which is always good and I had people around me to bounce some ideas off of who are seasoned pros in this industry. You get out of things what you put in, so if I sat around picking my nose all day I’d have an empty nose… wait… that was a bad metaphor attempt umm. So If you put the effort in you reap the rewards, hard work and preparation never go to waste and failure to prepare is preparing to fail. I did get another free CD today from CD girl (Katie’s Ambition) and today’s CD of music I may not listen to is the Mash Up Mix Ibiza that makes about 5 CDs since I’ve been here I got for free and some of them are 2 disc editions so it may be more then 5!!! 😀 (who still buys CDs? I thought everyone just downloaded it or pirated it?)

The tube home was not eventful at all unfortunately, I just nodded off and woke up when the train got to queens with a girl staring at me as if I was a wizard. Then while walking home spotted a place to get my hair cut and almost got hit by a car as the driver decided that indicators are over rated as are people all ready 3/4 of the way in the road. Bellend. Still, got 5 days working at the Ministry so I hope to make them good ones!

I’ve Been Doing it Wrong

Getting to the station today I caught site of a couple holding hands as they approached the edge of the platform and I thought it was kind of nice at first. Then we got on the tube… how can two people honestly think it’s ok to borderline grind each other on the tube with already awkward strangers looking on be “acceptable” I mean I get it that you two love each other but seriously at half 7 in the morning for a whole 5 stops?! Eventually the guy got off and just left a now lost looking girl sat by her self with everyone looking at her shamefully. Whether or not we were all jealous or just baffled at what just happened so our only look was disgust at not understanding the situation  it does not matter, you don’t go all Will Smith and start getting “jiggy with it” on public transport.

Before work I normally go to tesco to pick up a drink and something to chow down on for breakfast and everyday I walk past this homeless man in the subway. Now I got put off of being charitable when a homeless man harassed me in McDonalds to give him money and he would not leave me alone until I did, so since then I’ve never bothered with it. But today I thought I would buy this guy a breakfast sandwich and a drink just because why not. However when I got back he had gone and I believe he was sat with some other guys on some steps but I could not just walk up and give the dude his stuff with nothing for the other guys so I’ve kept it to give to him tomorrow.

At work i started by answering emails and finding out that I had been putting the final edited shows in the right folder but not moving that show from that folder into the final destination…. for almost 3 weeks now… cool. So when ever I had edited a track I placed it in the broadcast folder and overwrote the previous file with the same name so the system knew to play it. However you then need to drag and drop that file into the BROADCAST drive on the side before the system knows it even needs to play it. So that explains why the on demand was not working properly and why the system was not playing it out because I was not shown or (more likely) misunderstood the final process as the final folder is also called broadcast. Oh well I edited up a dubstep show and then spent HOURS editing up the Bryan G show as levels were all over the place, and there was swearing and flow issues and music was all at different levels. It was a bit hellish to edit but I got it done. I did get lunch today haha so just a cheeky subway (i’m addicted) and then back to work. I had done the shows and edits that needed to be done so ended up working on a friday show just for something to do. Soon Bailey walked in and I took him though to the studio and had a little chat and a catch up with him about his American tour that never happened.

Later on I was asked by Sam if I could write up a track list for the mix but unfortunately I was not too familiar with the songs and he had mixed the mix around from what I had done so I would of seriously struggled to do it int he time frame he had for me. he ended up having to do it and I feel bad for not being able to help.

I got to sit in on Baileys show as normal and when I got there he had a couple of guests in with him. One guy asked about the toilets and I said I’d show him the way. On the walk there chatting to him turns out he is Tokyo Prose a drum and bass producer who is incredible! haha! (so sour Scott) I then spent the rest of the show chatting to him about production and music and why he is over here all the way from New Zealand. He is a really sound guy and his music is of equal brilliance to him self seeing as how he is looking for work as a civil engineer aha. There was another producer there Penny Giles who has some beaut tunes and some new stuff coming out on V Recordings, he also was a nice bloke and really into the ideas of his music production.

The show finished and I was unable to nab a photo with anyone but hung around after wards and heard about some exciting projects and got chatting to Clarke about his DJ escapades which was both interesting and funny to get to know the guy.

Then After staying on late networking and such I ventured back on the tube where nothing eventful or exciting happened except for my water bottle leaking in my bag and a girl sitting opposite me would not stop staring at me… bit weird.