Being Candidate One

Waking up on a Friday morning with a banging headache and the early signs of flu is not the way anyone would want to start the day, but that is exactly what happened the day of my interview. So I dosed up on ibuprofen and paracetamol and prepared my self for the interview.

Not knowing what to expect I loaded a memory stick with examples of my work and responses I’ve received from various artists featured on the podcast I produce. Nervously excited I was unable to do any of my uni work and just listened to music and had a filling lunch before my housemates gave me a lift to Cirencester.

Driving up there with a couple of my housemates one asks if I have my iPod on me. I hand it to him and we plug it in. The soothing sound waves of drum and bass pulse through the car, and we pull up to Cirencester college to London Elektricity Billion Dollar Gravy. A few words of good luck before I left the car and into the building I went, escaping the rain.

Waiting outside what I hoped to be the interview room, nervously but excitedly bouncing my leg, I still had no idea what to expect from the interview. I only found out about the opportunity through one of the many emails that my lecturer sends to all of us on the course, and I applied thinking that if I didn’t at least give it a go it would be a missed opportunity. I spent a good couple of days making sure everything sounded alright on my application and double checked the link to the piece of work I submitted, and then just hoped for the best. I received a phone call a good few days later which surprised me as I had been unable to pay my phone bill and my phone had been blocked. Turned out that the block had been lifted briefly for a few days by my service provider due to the next monthly allowance being added to my phone before that months bill was due, or worked out I was behind. Any way the phone call was to inform me that I had made it through to the interview phase and it was to be that week! Excited and surprised I chose the three o’clock slot and said goodbye.

I was there early so I still had a while before I went in to be interviewed. I had prepared as much as I could for the interview, reading about the Ministry of Sound and learning about the Josh Edmonds Memorial Scheme. Now I had been to the beyondgoodbye site before, while I wrote my application and to find out more about the scheme. But on the Thursday I thought it best to refresh my self and I watched the video and was moved so much by it, as my close friend Josh passed away last year. I continued to investigate and browse the site, looking at various photos, news and postcards. It was not until I hovered over the music section at the top that I had a moment of ‘ay?’ I recognized most of the artists and the tracks, it was my favorite type of music. How did I miss this? I listened to each track and read the testimonials for each and then I had my second ‘ay?’ moment. The song chosen by Josh’s friend Libby was Nu:Tone System (Keeno Remix) and reading the first line is where my second ‘ay?’ moment happened. Josh had gotten them into the Hospital Podcast and Drum and Bass music, just the same as my friend Josh had done for me so long ago. Ok, so Josh is a common name and yeah a good few people like drum and bass and the Hospital Podcast is popular so I suppose you know it’s not too impossible to happen. Then I got to to last track. Twilights Last Gleaming by High Contrast, a brilliant track ‘chosen by Josh’s brother Joe’ ‘ay!?’ My friend Josh, his brother is named Joe too… at this point I was a little bit weirded out but yet amazed and intrigued at the same time, by how many coincidences they share.

I get called into the interview and meet the head of media at the college and members of Josh’s family, sit down at the table with all of them and prepare for the interview. All the initial questions I answered I barely had to think, it just came to me and I was just able to answer them well, I even surprised myself. The vibe in the room was warm and it did not feel like a normal interview. The questions were then asked by Josh’s family members and once again I was just able to answer them with what seemed like ease but I’m sure it is all the preparation and 3 years of university that has done that. I hoped I had impressed them with my knowledge and ability to answer the questions well, and that I met the criteria for being eligible to become apart of the scheme. The interview then shifted towards a more important matter of Josh, and we talked about their son, brother and former pupil. And from what stories I’ve heard and read he seemed like an incredible man. This then brought me on to talking about my friend Josh and the strange links that I stumbled upon, and it made for an interesting conversation. Leaving the interview room half and hour later and shaking everyone’s hand it was a pleasure to meet people so motivated and passionate in creating a scheme in dedication to the memory of Josh. So even if I did not make it though to get the position I still got to meet some amazing people.

The car ride back was long and when we got in I let my housemate have a mix on my decks while I played some Xbox. After his mix and during a break from Xbox I got a phone call. As my room is a black hole for signal I had to dash out into the hallway, turns out that even though I had been told I would be notified in 2 weeks whether I had been successful or not, I got the phone call same day and only about 2 hours later. And ‘we would like to offer you the position’ were the words that prevented me from having words to say back! A few laughs were exchanged and I could not believe it! After the phone call I ran into our lounge and shouted ‘I’m working at the ministry of sound!’ Truth be told after that I fell asleep for an hour and woke up as sick as dog and was bed ridden for a few days with the flu I had fought off earlier that day.

It is only now after being ill and meeting a large number of deadlines this week that I can now start to focus more on the ridiculously good opportunity that I have been fortunate enough to receive. This is a blog that I will update to log my experience of the scheme and keep people up to date with all the things happening.

So what does it feel like to be candidate one for the Josh Edmonds Memorial Scheme? It feels brilliant and I can’t believe how lucky I am, I can’t wait to get the opportunity to use my skills, it’s an honor to have been chosen.

Thank you to the Edmonds family for setting up the scheme, and thank you to my friend Josh for getting me into Drum and Bass as the Citadel Podcast would not exist with out his influence on me and seeing as that is the piece of work I sent in, maybe I would have not got the interview.

Don’t Be A Slave To The Rhythm: Be Its Master


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