Meeting Drum and Bass Royalty and A Strange Tube Ride

Today I work up a little tired but, the excitement of knowing where I was going to be spending my day fueled me to get myself up!

The train ride went off with out a hitch and I managed to not get lost this time walking out the station. Instead I just turned left and walked round the corner to where the Ministry of Sound is, and that all took a matter of 3 minutes… not an hour like last time. My day stated by meeting Steve who is all about the MOS radio, and his Irish accent makes everything sound incredible. He gave me an insight into the station and where it has come from and where it aims to be in the future. Soon after I had the skilled Lloyd teaching me about how they edit their audio in order to get the sound of the station. Then I was given a quick crash course in using adboe audition, which was not too hard as I have experience with other DAW software. However I was slower then I’d like to be as I was not to familiar with the controls but still adding imaging to a techno show was enjoyable as getting the timing and the levels right is key as I found out very quickly, and also the type of ident or sweeper you use should be done to compliment the track.

I was then shown how to hard limit the audio before the mixdown and given an interesting lesson as to how compression, hard limiting and dynamic range all work. Now I know that that may sound boring to some but I found it incredibly interesting and helpful, and mostly because Lloyd is a brilliant teacher I understood most of it or made notes to just make sure I could do it later.

During the afternoon I got to help Marco with the audio (using a Zoom H4N that we used in university) while he filmed an interview with Bailey! Now maybe because the zoom was set up as a 4 channel mixer or I’m just out of practice I don’t feel I got as good of levels as I could of done but then again at times when there was laughing it was almost peaking as you’d expect so hopefully it is good enough to use. After the interview I asked Bailey if I could have a few photos with him to make my friends jealous and he was more then happy to. Marco kindly took the photos (which is why they look so good) but then Marco lead me down a dark corridor and told me about ‘the corner’ in the club haha! Anyway, sitting on top of the sound system with Bailey I got chatting to him about music and how he is working on producing tracks and about new artists in the scene. Honestly he has this aura about him that I can’t really explain but he is incredibly talented and brilliant guy!

I then met Chef (Baileys Producer) and again the same sort of vibe as I got from Bailey, I think it’s just a feeling of being around good people. I also walked Bailey’s guest ‘Philth’ to the main club room as the new radio room is under construction, and he is an incredibly talented producer. Later on after I had finished editing down some audio I rushed off to the main room in the club to sit in on Baileys show as what more could you want other then to hang out with some incredible people listening to some great music on one of the best sound systems? This is where I got to shake hands with another pioneer in drum and bass, DJ Fabio! He like the others there gave off this incredible vibe, and he was so polite and everyone there for Bailey’s show was loving it and the whole thing was a brilliant experience! Thank you to all of you guys for today it was brilliant!

The tube ride home was fine then this guy standing next to me (I was sat down) started doing the splits with his legs crossed? And bending really far down to the floor. He was wearing trainers and a suite with ear phones in and just kept doing stretches and limbering up even though there were loads of people around him in his way. A girl sitting opposite me saw the same thing I did and we caught each others eye and could not help but start laughing. Later on this big man in a well fitted blue suite boarded the train with his silver beats head phones on, a Chicago bulls fitted cap and fresh looking Nikes and just fell asleep… he looked so out of place but yet fitted in so well at the same time. The girl I shared a brief bit of laughter with started talking to me and turns out she was from Jamaica. She had a thick Jamaican accent and with her was her friend who just looked really relaxed and chuckled every now and again. They were such nice and funny people, talking to me loudly not caring what others thought as they casually rolled up a couple of joints in front of me. We rode the train together all the way until they got off the stop before mine and we parted ways with a giggle and a hand shake. And as all the passengers looked at me on the train as if I was a mad man for having spoke to them I just lent back, put my ear phones back in and smiled to my self thinking, ‘Only in London’.




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