Settling In And Developing Skills

Today started like all the others except I awoke slightly more tired with my body telling me ‘you don’t really want to get up this early again do you?’ I think I’m just getting used to the new rhythm of working as it is a massive change form university where I would go to bed when I felt tired and wake up when I had had enough sleep.

Got into the ministry after picking up a Pepsi and went though the procedure of checking the radio streams, making sure they were working and then got on to replying to emails sent into the radio station. They ranged form people raving about how much they loved the show or the music to being confused as to how to get the stream working in iTunes. A few messages sent in were asking for air time or if they could have their own shows and so on, and the ones with links to either their tracks or mixes I did listen to as they took the time to send it in so I should give them my time and listen.

After that Lloyd sent me some track listings to add to the website and I was fine with that as I was putting to use what he had taught me the previous day. Next though however I got sent an entire show to edit, with parts needing to be added and shortened and this is where my major learning happened today. I spent far too long editing the audio, the rest of the day in fact. I kept getting confused by what the email had told me needed to be done with the audio and then could not find audio that I  needed to put in and just got over perfectionist with placement and style but; I was enjoying the fact that I was getting stressed over wanting to do a good edit and make something I was proud of. After moving adding in all the imaging and moving all the bits of audio about to the correct locations I then realized that there was a sudden break in audio then it picked back up again. I had to cut it out and spent a while looping another section to try and make it fit with the other end but it was not until I showed Lloyd what I was doing that he quickly knew what to do and in an instant had solved the problem with perfection. I then continued to adjust minor things such as levels, imaging echo, timing and get my head around the hard limiter.

I was then confident enough to say that I had finished the edit of the show and asked Lloyd if he wanted a listen but he told me that if I think it is of broadcastable quality then to just export it. My initial thoughts were, ‘Really!?’ and ‘Do you trust me!?’ and well after one last check I began to export it… to the wrong folder. I did not realize this until afterwards and had to export it again. Now for those that don’t know exporting any high quality media be it film or audio takes a while, for my audio today around 12-14 minutes. After this second export to the right folder I suddenly realized the whole piece of audio was 1 minute shot of the 2 hours it needed to be! So I had to go back into edit it and pull out an extra minute and export it again. Now the system at MOS for the radio is very simple and the best inventions and systems tend to be, and by placing this file in this particular folder it means that the system knows that it has to play my edit of the show at a particular time! So my work is technically being broadcast as I put the MOS label on the show. And I must add that I enjoyed listening to deep house music and thought the show was very well done by the DJ. And you can hear the show I edited tomorrow at 21:00 on Ministry of Sound Radio.

The thing I’m enjoying most at the moment is working in this friendly environment with good music being played all over the office at different times and hearing the banter and either seeing or hearing the work that other people are doing and being blown away by it. This is only my third day and I’m enjoying it so much already! Thanks to all of you at MOS for being so friendly and welcoming, it’s such a nice place to be and work, I’m looking forward to what else this opportunity has to offer.

On a special note, I’m sorry Steve for not trying your hummus.


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2 responses to “Settling In And Developing Skills”

  1. Lucinda says :

    Try the Humus it’s yummy

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