Does it sound good Mrs. Bush?

Today was another good day at the ministry, filled with learning and laughter.

I walked in and the lovely people on the reception greeted me with their friendly smile and I made my way down to my desk. I started out doing the normal things such as answering emails and checking the audio streams were going smoothly, then got to start editing the Defected radio show. Same idea as yesterday just adding in some sweepers and making a few fancy ones by adding some echo and splicing up the speech. I was about and hour into the show when Lloyd called me into the board room where I was part of the team in the playlist meeting along with members from the television department and AR department. Now as there is construction going on the board room is located in the baby box, in the club, so while we were listing to tracks to add to the stations playlist, I found my self getting a bit lost with how decisions were being made. It was really fast paced and there were reasons other then if it sounded good or not as to why it should remain in the A list, B list or C list, such as is there a remix coming out soon or, it’s due for release in a few weeks so keep it in to keep people interested. As Steve the station manager went down the list of songs for us to listen to on the massive screen at the end of the table we researched the artists and discussed their ratings in other charts and playlists. On one occasion Steve miss spelt the name of one of the artists and we ended up with crazed looking pictures of Mrs. Bush from George Bushes presidency, if you look at her left eye it does look like she has an evil twitch. (If you scroll the picture of her so her eyes are just above the bottom of your screen it looks incredible)

Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall US Visit - Day 2

So the meeting continued and songs were moved around and added and some taken away. After the meeting I went on to start editing again but something went wrong with the software and it was just blank… I searched for the answer on how to fix or how to get the multi track display back up but with no luck for about 10 minutes. I then spoke to Lloyd about it and he knew what to do so we restarted the computer. Still it opened with a blank work space… I tried again for another 10 minutes and still was unable to fix and then suddenly it just started working again! So i rushed back into working and started making a few edits then, boom, it went… again. Lloyd ended up having to copy the folder or something rather simple yet fandangled at the same time in order to get it running smoothly again. I went in and finished the Defected show and then made a radio edit of one of the new tracks added to the playlist. And after a good lesson from Lloyd on normalization and the sound wars I went in and made 30 second samples of all the new tracks added to the MOS Radio playlist. Nothing too hard but still work that needed to be done and work that was fun doing as I get to listen to new music.

I’ve got the day tomorrow back with Marco working on the video side of things and that should give my ears a rest as wearing headphones for hours on end has started to make my ear’s feel bruised and sore. Still… I don’t mind too much as I’m working at the Ministry of Sound! I have however discovered something I’m not to fond of in London and that’s the air. It feels fresh in relation to the air on the tube but n reality it is just awful! When I get back in I have to blow the dutty residue out of my nose and it is grotty black… it makes me wonder if that is what is getting stuck in my nose then what is going into my lungs? I also made an observation today on how we as people live with strangers, and how the worst thing to do is apparently make eye contact with another person. Even though you know that if you were to see a cute animal you would look it in the eye and say hello…


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