Never Pull A U-Turn

The tube train rumbled and banged its way across the tracks. It was only the morning yet the weekend heat was already starting to turn the inside of the tube into some kind of low budget sauna. However the music from my headphones distracted me and took my mind to a place where the temperature was much cooler.

Nipping into Tesco to pick up a large bottle of some chilled copella orange juice was one of the best decisions of the day. I set my self up on the mac about to edit the footage that Marco and I filmed last Friday but the software would not load. After trying a few times I decided to focus on something that would not waste time. I asked Lloyd if there was anything I could help him with as Marco would be in late, due to him shooting footage over the weekend for the club. Luckily there was a show to edit so I got right to it and started throwing in imaging and making it sound slick. I got to where I was about to add the playlist to the folder after exporting the finished audio and realized that next to one track the word *EXPLICIT* stood out. So after talking to Lloyd I had to go back in and find the swearing and reverse it all before it could be aired. I now know what gnikcuf rehtom sounds like backwards!

I then helped Lloyd set up the temporary studio in the main booth in the club. The sound desk and controls for the clubs lights and visual effects were lit up in an array of colours, from pinks to yellows and sharp blues. We took the equipment form there and set it up in the booth. My main interest with the whole thing was getting my hands on the Pioneers they had up there and how nice the mixer was. (I wish I was lucky enough to have something like that!) Lloyd then asked me about my radio course and where I’d like to be in the industry, he then gave me an insight into their compressor and a rough idea on how it works. But the best advice he gave me and advice I’m going to act on is, ‘protect your ears’, I’m hoping to get some ear plugs of some kind so I can protect my hearing, just as a plumber would need to bring the right tools for the job, I’d need to have good hearing for mine.

I then went out and had lunch on that random patch of grass that everyone seems to love so much in the children’s play park. Munching away on my subway with my headphones on listening to so Pretty Lights, I could feel my arms and legs burning int eh sun and noticed I was started to get tan lines from my sleeves. I’m barley outside and the sun is that strong! After I’d finished up and started to head back I head a a faint noise over my headphones. I took them off and saw people getting out of their cars and people standing on the side of the road staring. Some man had tried to pull a U turn and plowed into the opposite pavement and into a pole, ripping out the front wheel, suspension and all! No one was hurt but the car was pretty mashed up. A good thing to live by I think is don’t pull a U turn in London… ever.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the footage Marco and I filmed as he was able to sort the issue, a case of re-finding files. It was hilarious to edit as it was just him messing about and making us laugh! I learn a lot on how to manipulate the footage and what looks good and what is a bad idea to begin with. I also got taught how to convert the film clips in to the correct format for editing, and while I was waiting for one of these to convert I see Fabio and the tank of a man Groove Rider walk out to reception having just recorded their show. Pretty sick getting to see them even if It was from a distance.

On the tube ride home the hot humid air dried out your nose and mouth and as more and more people crammed into the small space within the train, the BAKERloo line lived up to its name, being more like an oven on rails that stopped occasionally. My only relief was getting of at Queens Park to change over and it was an open platform so fresh air! haha! Well I’m hoping that this week brings another ton of  astounding opportunities and I get to meet some more great people!

Never Pull A U Turn In London



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One response to “Never Pull A U-Turn”

  1. jane harris says :

    Lewis……we are loving reading your blogs and so pleased its working out well for you……its sounds as if you are getting the max out of every moment…….good on you…….Jane ( Josh Edmonds mum)

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