Effective Branding and a Chef In Bakerloo

Today was a day spent developing skills and learning from the best.

My day started off with the normal tube ride and drum and bass indulgence while smiling on my way to work. Off up and out of the station to tesco for a bottle of something sweet to drink and then into the MOS to start my day watching, learning and making the most of the opportunity. Today was so good as it was just filled with drum and bass. I first of had to type up the hand written playlist from Fabio and Groove Rider which sounds easy but it was a little bit all over the place and I had to double check some track names as I typed them up wrong from my translation of what they had written but, that’s hardly important as the content they produced is what really matters. I then spent time with Lloyd as he created the imaging for the new show to be played after Intabeats. Lloyd had been in contact with the good people over at Hospital Records and they were kind enough to send over some sample packs in order to help with the branding/imaging of the show. I was shown useful tips and tricks on how to make a voice sound sound richer and how to make effective sweepers using only the voice and some effects. I learnt how to correctly use a ‘send’ and a ‘bus’ and that will help me out with my personal productions. The samples were layered and made into a strong piece of imaging along with the voice that had undergone some special treatment that when put together, made for a rather tasty package. Watching and listening to Lloyd showed me the level of skill I am yet to attain, not to say I am not capable just that I need more experience and I’m getting plenty of that working here and I love it. We Also set up a make shift booth for some voice artists to come in and record, with me coming up with an idea of propping up the CDJ cases to hold the fabric in place that was acting to deaden the noise.

Lloyd continued to work on the wet and dry idents and jingles until he had about 5 variations and an intro jingle. I got to learn so much in such a short space of time I’m glad I was taking notes! I was then assigned to create a 30 second advertisement for the new Fabio and Groove Rider show. So I took clips of tracks that appeared int eh show and placed them together so they flowed seamlessly and then at some point we would take voice clips form the show and layer it over the top. The afternoon was spent listing back to the new Fabio and Groove Rider show, and it was hilarious! Those guys are ridiculous together! The show audio did however require a lot of editing in the form of sorting out levels as they kept changing mics as they took turns to mix and not dipping the music down low enough at times to be heard over it. However Lloyd managed to whip it all together in no time and finished up with a beautifully polished show that sounded crisp.

Station manager Steve had been kind enough to buy both me and Lloyd a double decker each, such a kind bloke, and when asked why he just said ‘well the suns out and yeah you know.’ The time got to just before 5 and Lloyd had made sure I got a full Bailey Intabeats show as well, I do love drum and bass. Getting to spend time in the booth with Botch Bailey and Chef was amazing! An unbelievable experience as they turned up the system so loud cups of water we skanking out! Getting to chat to Chef about ideas and experiences was such a nice insight and he is a man with a vast amount of knowledge of what he does and I respect him for that. He liked the concept and idea behind my Citadel podcast and that alone made me smile as having someone in his position give me feedback like that meant a lot. A good new addition to the show is the live twitter update of tracks that Bailey was playing out so people were able to listen in and get the tracks straight from twitter! This idea of using social media on another level is what keeps people such as Bailey and Chef at the top. Bailey played a beauty of a show with a sick dutty mix from him and even people from Trinidad tuned in on their mobile phones to listen in while the power was out from a tropical storm!

Finishing up at the end of the show I got to hang around with both Chef and Bailey as they packed up and listened to Fabio and groove Riders new show. Chatting to them about my internship and how I got it, my radio degree and ideas I have and the motivations behind them. It was great to get the opportunity to get to know two great guys even better and I even walked out and down to the station with them both. Saying goodbye to Bailey and wishing him luck in America as he goes on tour over there next week he wished me luck too and it was a pleasure to have met the man behind the voice and the music. Chef came down with me to the tube station and we talked about music all the way down, we got to my train and said goodbye and I hope to hear form you soon as I got on and he went to get his train.

On the journey home I thought about how incredible had been today and just could not help but smile all the way back! Thinking of my friend Josh Taylor and the strange gifts in a way he has given me and thinking of Josh Edmonds and again the strange gifts in a way he has given me also. I want to do them both proud and make the opportunity’s I get from this internship be lasting and push me forwards into a career that I enjoy and love doing! So thank you guys for all you’ve done with out even knowing.


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5 responses to “Effective Branding and a Chef In Bakerloo”

  1. Jane Harris says :

    Lewis, Your last paragraph brought a tear to my eye. I reckon you are doing both Josh Edmonds and Josh Taylor justice. I just wish our Josh could have met you. You would have gotten on so well.
    It’s so nice to hear about how it’s going and your enthusiasm is infectious. Good on you. I am sure you will reap what you sew as they say! X Jane (Josh’s mum)

    • lewismurphy14 says :

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and I keep both Josh and Josh in the back of my mind when I work so I never slack and always try to do a job I’m proud of. Thank you for helping me get this opportunity and all these experiences by setting up the scheme, I’m truly grateful.

  2. Nick Taylor says :

    I am sat here at my desk at home, catching up with your blog, with tears in my eyes also and not just from the reference to the two Josh’s. Some of those tears are from laughing caused by your everyday observations and experiences in the city, you Dorset boy you, Josh T would be laughing at you and with you! Having known you for a number of years your personality jumps straight out of the blog and you are back in our kitchen, keep it up and enjoy the experience!
    Cheers then!
    Nick (Josh Taylor’s dad)

    • lewismurphy14 says :

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it and thanks for reading it all! My experiences would not be happening if not for Josh getting me into drum and bass all that time ago, so I try and cane out each day as much as I can with both Josh’s in the back of my mind, pushing me to not have an easy day. And I’m glad you like my observations, I was a bit weary whether to put them in there at first but I’m glad I’ve got you laughing, you can take the boy out of Bournemouth but not the Bournemouth out of the boy haha! Keep reading!

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