Crocodile Burgers, Irish Kindness and Pumping Out Work

I was up and out at a good time today in the cold summer morning air, which made a welcome change form the ominous sun that’s normally lurking behind the buildings and trees. I decided to don my Hospital Records t-shirt today, bright green with the multicoloured dots that make up the logo.

I started work by replying to a few emails one of which was telling us how much of a good thing has been done for drum and bass to get Fabio and Groove back on the air. It’s always nice to get positive feedback so I forwarded it to Lloyd and Steve as they are the ones that made that happen! Next I updated a few playlists on the website and then got on to editing up the X-Press 2 show which was easy enough until I decided to try and boost the audio and almost ruined it by making the bass sound like it was bottoming out! After sorting that out I just had to fix the mixing issue they had where one of the decks just stopped so I beat matched the new track, cut out the gap and layered an ident over the top to help mask the edit. Soon after we had a playlist meeting up in Loft room of the club where we listened to some new tracks and promos and decided on what should be removed from the A, B, C list and what new tracks should be added or others moved up a slot. It was pretty fun all crammed round the DJ booth up there with Steve throwing down some muck about DJ moves. After the Playlist meeting I finished up the show and made my way out for lunch.

As I was heading out I caught up with Steve and Marco who were head the same way and they asked me where I was going and well… Sainsburys was going to be my £3 meal deal lunch today. To which both of them said go to the market, go to the market, it’s incredible, easily in the top 10 markets for food. Unfortunately being fresh out of university I’m not exactly rolling in it so could not afford to go down to the market to which Steve said, ‘well… sounds like you need a… some kind of a float. Seeing as how you get your expenses paid for…’ At which point he goes to hand me £10! I could not except that! ‘Do you know how much money that is!?’ I said ‘Yeah it’s £10’ Steve said in his Irish accent with a hit of what are you talking about in his voice. Marco laughed and just said ‘take the money… and where’s my £10?’ So I took the money and they told me to get the nicest food I could find there, but make sure to get a receipt so MOS can pay your expenses. With an over joyed smile on my face from the kindness they patted me on the back and said go and enjoy yourself as they turned another corner and I headed on down to the market in search of some fine cuisine.

Upon arriving I was not expecting it to be such a well set up place! There is a roof over it all and it is all set up under a rail way bridge with a path laid out on the floor for you to follow round. All the stalls are solid fittings with everything they need to cook or store their food worked into the space. There were some stalls selling meat, cheese, fruit and veg, cakes, sweets, fish and a heck of a lot more! I wandered around taking in the atmosphere and checking out all the stalls until I found what I was going to have for lunch. A place that stocked all kinds of meat, from crocodile, ostrich, zebra, spring bock, camel, llama and kangaroo! I had to have one! The meat they had on offer to be ready quickly was kangaroo and wagyu beef burgers. I went for the wagyu beef burgers in the end as the beef is from a cow that has been living a relaxed and well looked after life. They are fed champagne, listen to classical music and massaged daily. The result is the most incredible tasting burger you could experience! it was so rich and full of flavor. After I had gunned that down I made a move towards the sweet section to find some good pud. There were loads of cakes and stalls to choose from but in the end I made my choice and got the thickest hunk of chocolate brownie you could ever imagine, so thick in fact I think you could build a very tasty shed with them. I ventured back towards the MOS and could not help but smile behind my sunglasses as the now hot London sun beamed down.

I spent the afternoon editing two more shows for the MOS and with a can of Relentless by my side I blitzed it all with a short break to enjoy some more of Steve’s kindness when he handed everyone on the table a cup filled freshly cut pineapple and mint. It sounds strangely peculiar I know but it was so fresh and juicy that it was a shame that there was not more! haha. I finished all the shows and put them into the right files and had 20 to spare by the end of the last export. I asked Lloyd what I could do next and he said everything was done for today and he was doing the last little bit. So I just checked over the website and watched some good videos and listened to some new music.

On the tube ride home I mixed things up a little with sitting on a seat that faces the length of the train so only one person can sit next to you and 2 facing you. And I found out that this is a great place to sit as the fans push the air right on to you there! Anyway sitting in this seat a girl gets on with huge suite case and sits down on the set of seats next to me and I noticed something awesome about her hand bag. it was not a hand bag at all but a Hospital Box Park bag! How strange that I was wearing my Hospital t-shirt and a stranger gets on the train with her own Hospital branded merchandise. This prompted me to listen to something form hospital records so I selected the 15 years of hospital album and wacked it on shuffle. A few stations on a man sat down opposite me and he had been to some business expo but the strange thing about him was that he had (with out trying to sound too rude) a massive head. Now think of a bald man with glasses who’s head balloons out at the top and is a bit oddly shaped, and when he moves his head to look at things the entire upper half of his body has to shift round with his head facing directly forwards and every now and again his left eye would twitch at me. He soon left and a girl sat down opposite me and the tube was brimming with people. I just sat there vibeing to the music tapping to the beat and smiling away, to which this girl saw and could not help but smile as in a train filled with unhappy, hot, cramped people standing and sitting in silence there was me bouncing away to the sound of drum and bass.

Waiting at the station for the next train to arrive I was still kind of bouncing around to my music, and an Asian family sat on a bench just kept staring at me… so I moved closer to them to see what there reaction was… they just got confused and started talking amongst them selves in their native tongue. When the train arrived I got on and was hit with a wall of smell, as if some one had smashed a spice rack on the floor and wafted it about with a fart. I had no time/could not be bothered to change what part of the train I was on so just sat down and got on with it. The rest of the journey was pretty mundane and I got in at a reasonable time. Sadly today was my last ‘official’ day with the radio department as tomorrow is my last day with video and then I go over to AR next week. I really enjoyed my time working in the radio department, it was challenging yet engaging as the tasks were not beyond my skill range but at the same time required me to learn quickly and have confidence in myself. The guys, Steve and Lloyd are brilliant at what they do to run a whole station that is so successful and still pushing its way up the ranks. Well I may go back there in my 3 free days, so I may get more free fruit from Steve yet.










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