Not Bad and Summer Fabric

Another hot day and I’m running out of shorts to wear. This mornings tube was delayed and that meant hordes and hordes of people were to board the same train in the morning simmer. Managing to get a place to sit for the hour ride in was a good thing except I was sat next to a girl in a blue dress who fancied having a phone call to her deaf friend. Did not last long as the underground killed the signal and she proceeded to wedge her bag into the side of my leg while she sat there peacefully reading her book… cool.

Got in and read up on a few things and checked over some bits and bobs. Then went out with Sam from A&R and had a chat about work and so on. They’ve had a lot of work needing to be done for London Grammar so he’s not had much time to give me things to do, which is understandable. I started work on writing up lyrics to a song and then Spent the rest of the day working on a mix by DJ Fresh and mixing it up and adding in a few songs for it to be played on Radio 1 next week. I almost finished it by the end of the day but it needs to be perfect so going to go at it again with fresh ears tomorrow.

Lloyd showed me the advertisement for the Fabio and Groove show that I helped make last week by mixing together the various songs from the show and with the added voice over from the guys it sounds crisp. Not very much of anything overly exciting happened today in all honesty but tomorrow I do plan to go and get burger from Borough Market with some exotic/strange meat in it. Today on lunch I did make a funny observation whilst sitting in the questionable park eating my subway. From where I was sitting I could see two guys sitting on a bench just eating their lunch and they did not appear to know each other. Now as it is summer it’s hot so people tend to wear shorts and skirts and thinner t shirts. I don’t know why some girls go out in the morning wearing some clothes as this one girl who was in the park having lunch with her friend was wearing a dress made out of material so thin that it did not leave anything to the imagination. The funny part is when she went to pack up the picnic blanket these two guys looked at her at the same time as she bent over, one even pulled the ‘Obama meme’ face of, not bad. So a lesson can be learned here, make sure the fabric of your summer attire is not see through even if it is cooler and if you are still to wear it don’t complain if a couple of random guys on a bench in a park gawk at you.

Also I hate London pigeons. I just want to glue a chip to the backs of them all and then watch as they fight each other for the chips.

The tube home was hot but if I leave at closer to the time I’m due to finish for the day the tubes a relatively empty for the first few stops. As people piled on I noticed again that what people wear in the summer (in the city) is strange. Shorts too short so your bum hangs out, the classic sock and sandle combo to tight short dresses with holes cut out the side? Are the holes for ventilation due to the dress being too tight? Just wear loose clothing and you’ll be far more comfortable and no one will care because they are in the same position as you. Not to say you won’t look good in sandles and socks just ya know, stay cool and just loose the socks, if you bothered to put sandles on at least go all the way. At wembley the girl with the deaf mobile phone friend got on and aimlessly began reading her book. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone twice in the same day on the tube, pretty mind blowing…



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One response to “Not Bad and Summer Fabric”

  1. jane harris says :

    Really get the sandles and socks bit Lewis……..let those feet breath…….continuing to love your blog…….so nice to hear you getting so much out of being at MOS…… opportunity wasted and your passion for music et al is so infectious……of course it does make me sad at times as we are reminded of `Josh (in a good way) but …….if only, if only…….we miss him so much……..However you are doing him and you proud so well done mate. We have finished another film about bereavement and you can find the link on our website for Josh…….Its called “Say their Name”……..Think you might be interested because of what happened to your own friend Josh. Let us know what you think.

    Jane (Josh,s mum)

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