No Break and the Final Full Week

An overcast sky with clouds tinged a faded rusted copper hung in the sky this morning, it must be the thunder storm my friends from back home were telling me about. And as I got out of the shower the thunder was cracking off in the distance along with the sudden heavy rainfall to break the heat. I was still feeling a little worn out from going to Lovebox at the weekend and raving for 10 hours in the Hospitality tent and then waking up at 3 in the morning unable to breath from all the dusted dirt kicked up that I had inhaled along with the passive smoking. But it was a good weekend as I got to experience some incredible music and my cousins Ben and JJ (got your names in there) came to visit and I had not seen them in ages.

An uneventful tube ride except for the awkward moment when you open your eyes after having them closed for a while only to realize your eyes are level with the girls boobs standing in front of you and you can’t look back down because it would appear you were looking at her legs and if you looked left or right the people sitting next to you would think you were staring at them and if you look up you have to go past the boob barrier again only to be met with her confused face so all you do is close your eyes and try not to lean too far forward. The day from there on was pretty normal, answered emails in the morning and found that the on-demand service for the shows uploaded on Friday were not working. Turns out there was a problem with some of the servers. I then began editing a show that I had not edited before the Addicted to Bass show presented by Katie’s Ambition. It was a nice show to edit as I had to do the fades my self and it was then just adding in idents. Before I could finish though I went through to help set up the studio in the main booth for Bryan G of V Recordings and after a few technical glitches and Bryan screwing up a take of the start and the recording software crashing a few times we were recording.

When in the booth you can not have a the clubs aircon on as it is too loud and picked up by the microphones, you also can’t use the fan in the booth as the air buffets the microphones, so it is very very hot in there. And last time Bryan went to record he kept using the wrong fader and was speaking into the wrong microphone so even though I showed him numerous times he still could not understand it as one mixer was used for mixing and the other is used for the microphones so you have to dart between the mixers and swap headphones. In the end to make sure we got a good recording I stayed on and would operate the mics so the show sounded smoother. However he never gave me any warning so I would be about 10 steps away and suddenly the booth would cut out and I would need to jump over and wack the fader up quick as he did not at times even check to see if I was there. This was a hilarity shared by his guest as he too realised the effort I was having to put in to make sure I did not miss a word of what he was saying. Hot, hungry, thirsty and with music so loud my ears were starting to hurt I slowly became zombified. For 2 hours this dance was played and it was well past my time to take a break but I did not want the show to sound like arse so I stayed on through laughing with the guest and chatting as much as I could muster without letting the groggy heat frustration get the better of my mood. It was a nice relief to hear the interview with his guest as the man was a rather inspirational character as he was born in Birmingham then aged 9 moved back to Jamaica and then back over here and worked as a youth worker for many many years and now is working on his music career as a singer while still helping out with youth projects. He has an incredible voice that I got to hear first hand and recently released and album. (sour about forgetting his name but, will put it up once I find out)

Anyway the show finished and I had missed my break easily and still had a lot of work to do before I could go home happy with today’s work. So went and got some water, at half a packet of Rolos left over in my bag from Lovebox and finished editing the addicted to bass show. I had been sorting out/recording/making sure nothing went wrong for over 3 hours in the studio which left me and hour and 15 to edit 2 shows and export them. Doable but hard to concentrate in a slightly hazed state with nothing but Rolos, water and a hand full of skittles that Arney (receptionist) gave me as I passed through. I did how ever bang it all out quickly and well and dead on to time so even though I may have missed my break I still got all the work done in time to be aired tonight so I was more then happy.

Now according to my cousins the tube journey parts of my blogs are their favorite bits. So today I got to the station and debated on whether to get the tube leaving now or the one leaving a bit later. Looking at the train about to leave being full of people I went for the empty one. A good choice as only 3 other people ended up on it when it left the station and falling asleep with my headphones on only to wake up perfectly on time as the train jolted to a halt at the station I needed to change at I was surprised I had nodded off sitting up… or had I? Had there been some kind stranger who acted as my pillow? Any way the rest of the journey was hot and dull filled with sweaty Spanish students yamering away about how bad their body odor was and how they decided to sit next to me as I looked like the most interesting person to harass with their lack of understanding of both showers and deodorant. And I’m like ‘come on you come from a hot country! This weather should be easy for you to adapt to!’ Then I got off the tube, grabbed a £1.49 double cheeseburger from McDonalds and headed home.

I’m excited for tomorrow getting to sit in on the Intabeats show and also to have some lunch tomorrow and I hope to be wearing shorts too! As it is far too damn hot to strolling around London in jeans. Plus getting to do a solid days work each day this week will make it a week well spent.


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