Done It All and Looking Towards The Future

Today while I woke up groggy from having a late night staying up late to finish my blog after getting in late from the Intabeats show. I managed to get to the train on time fine and thankfully today there was no over obsessive couple or any one weird on the tube other then the overly hairy man sitting next to me who looked like he could weave small nets to catch flies in on his arms. After the homeless man going for a wonder yesterday I found him napping in his usual spot where I dropped off the sandwich next to him and on the way back I wrote him a note to have a good day and placed it under a drink of juice I had got him. I had hoped to speak to him to ask his name so I could say hi to him in the mornings rather then just walking by but thought it best not to wake a sleeping man to find out such a mundane thing.

While I was at work today I replied to a few emails and then set off to finishing up the Bliss show which was ok except I had to re-import the audio in order to make it sound better from what I had done yesterday as I imported the master audio instead of the individual channels of voice and mixer audio. This was done pretty quickly and then put into the broadcast folder for airing on friday. I updated a few playlist for the website so the shows matched up with the tracks and also to help people find the songs they are looking for. After this however there was not much else for me to do so I got roped into putting the new London Grammar CDs into the wallets. A good pile of them and I just sat there with my music in sliding each cd inside a card wallet and making various pile of them all over the desk. I finished that task pretty quickly and then spent the next part of my time working on my own projects. Just before lunch Steve asked me to glue together 2 parts of a show and upload it to the on demand service so that was pretty straight forward and got it done in no Time and headed off for lunch.

The subway lunch was pretty normal with beautiful sunshine and some of the most annoying pigeons I have ever come across. They are like those mouthy kids in school who keep pestering you but as soon as you step up to them they’re all like ‘hey man what you doin’, stop it man! we cool we cool’ I did find a new game to play though with the London wild life. If you drop a piece of subway perfectly on the ground in the middle of your feet you get to play a much more interactive version of pinball except you get to mock kick sky rats (pigeons) and if they don’t move from your feet lashing out towards them they lose a life… and don’t respawn ever… In reality though they just kept flying away and trying to come back, and I just had to move my feet and they would all jump back at the same time and move back in with my feet like there was some kind of force keeping them the same distance away from my shoes.

Back to work and I was told I could work on things for something next week (that I’m not going to mention yet) that is going to hopefully be the next step for me after I have finished up my time here at MOS. So the rest of the afternoon was spent preparing and analysing everything for that along with working on Citadel. Over all a pretty good day as I kept being productive which is always good and I had people around me to bounce some ideas off of who are seasoned pros in this industry. You get out of things what you put in, so if I sat around picking my nose all day I’d have an empty nose… wait… that was a bad metaphor attempt umm. So If you put the effort in you reap the rewards, hard work and preparation never go to waste and failure to prepare is preparing to fail. I did get another free CD today from CD girl (Katie’s Ambition) and today’s CD of music I may not listen to is the Mash Up Mix Ibiza that makes about 5 CDs since I’ve been here I got for free and some of them are 2 disc editions so it may be more then 5!!! 😀 (who still buys CDs? I thought everyone just downloaded it or pirated it?)

The tube home was not eventful at all unfortunately, I just nodded off and woke up when the train got to queens with a girl staring at me as if I was a wizard. Then while walking home spotted a place to get my hair cut and almost got hit by a car as the driver decided that indicators are over rated as are people all ready 3/4 of the way in the road. Bellend. Still, got 5 days working at the Ministry so I hope to make them good ones!


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